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January 26, 2013
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Baby 5 Armory Maid [ch. 692] by Luminoz Baby 5 Armory Maid [ch. 692] by Luminoz
Isn't she wonderful? :heart: Another crush to add to the list... *sigh*

From One Piece Ch. 692
animated version here: [link]

(on tumblr: [link])
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Have any of you gotten a feeling after being introduced to a new character, that they might be a possible recruit for the strawhats, at least to you. I'm getting that from Baby 5. Love to see her interact with Sanji.
Aoi-Suotomi Apr 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome work C:
WendyLine Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
nice colors. :nod:
Thank you!!
I love the hair! I've been hoping she's a redhead... well I'll settle for megneta, as its still better than the oh-so common black :)
haha you'll see... Oda will choose eggplant purple or vomit green just because he can XD
And I also would love her with fire red hair C:
Eggplant... not the best but not the worse. Certainly look better than pink!XD As for vomit green, I tried thinking of shade that would be and remembered the pea-soup trick some pranksters used to imitate vomit. IS Zoro's hair that shade? XD

Oh yes a true redhead, we need a grown woman as only really redheads is Shanks and one of the Medaka Quintuplets, Ichika.
Sorry Ichika, you're not grown ..or at least you don't look grownup so I do want another female to be a real redhead

Sorry Nami, thats orange...even the kids at PH thought so XD
Perona, Hina, Shirohoshi are all pink.
Zoro the pea-soup haired swordsman... LMAO
I noticed too, there are at least five or more women with pink hair, but no red.
About my coloring, I tried every shade I could think of for Baby 5, and found that magenta is the more fitting and strangely enough makes her look more badass XD
I agree on the coloring of Baby 5's hair, that color allowed it to appear dark but still light enough to show highlights and show movement of hair.
Black hair just look flat ...unless its Usopp's curls XD

I had to think for a bit for who else is a pinky. I had named Hina, Perona, Shirahoshi ... forgot about Lola, who else?

Heck light blue hair is seen more than red= Buggy,Nojiko, Vivi,her mom Queen Titi, and now the mermaid Mero
You forgot bonney, coby and bell-mere and there are also a lot of minor characters with pink hair C:
I love how often the fandom assumes that inked hair means black and white hair means blonde, but with Oda you can NEVER know XD
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